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Beginning Geography Lessons

Beginning Geography is perfect for you if....

 You desire to teach from a Biblical worldview.

You want to develop a heart
for missions in your child.

You don’t have the time to research
and create your own unit study.

Your child has had little or
no geography teaching.

Take advantage of this one time offer! Enroll in Beginning Geography lessons from G. O. A. M. by midnight on September 1st.

Yes! We want to receive Beginning Geography lessons for FREE!

Four lessons we aim to teach in Beginning Geography

God has made a beautiful world.

I am part of this world – not the center of it.

Different people are valuable too.

Everyone needs Jesus – and I can share Him!

Do you want to teach your child geography while building a Christ-like burden for souls that will stay with them as they grow?

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I will send you two lessons each week. All you have to do is print the lessons, read the script, and discuss the lesson with your child!

What Do I Ask In Return?


Study using our lesson scripts & printable activities.


Share your feedback on the lessons - Help us improve!


Give us a referral when you complete the course and are pleased!

Yes! We want to receive Beginning Geography lessons for FREE!