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4 Life Lessons Learned Through The Study Of Geography

We learn great life lessons in our school studies.  Today I was thinking on the benefits of studying cultural geography.  Our children learn 4 valuable life lessons through the study of geography.

Life Lesson # 1 – God has made a beautiful world for us to enjoy.

God has created a beautiful world.  The Bible starts with the statement, “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.”  He easily could have made this world boring and without variety. Instead God created much variety in the land formations around the planet – mountains, volcanoes, islands, deserts, rain forests, and much more. How exciting it is to teach our children that the same God who made Mount Everest also made lagoons and fjords! As we describe the various land formations, we can be thankful for our God’s originality. Every child needs to grasp the life lesson that God created a beautiful world.

Life Lesson # 2 – I am part of this world – not the center of coffee planning

When we study the vast planet Earth, we can find humility by recognizing how tiny we are in comparison.  It is important for each of us to understand that the God of this universe loves all the people of the world. Children will develop empathy for others as they are exposed to the needs of nations around the world.  When we learn about the difficult circumstances of others, we realize we are not the only ones with problems.  What a great opportunity to practice praying for people around the world!

World awareness is important, and a wise teacher will use the tool of geography to help students understand that they have a role in the world. A Christian teacher should teach his students that God is the center of all and that we each have a part in bringing glory to Him.  In the book of John, John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” This great principle should be learned early in life! Your child will grow in character when he sees himself as a contributor in bringing glory to God, rather than as the central focus of his own life.

Life Lesson # 3 – Different people are just as valuable as I am.

Different people have great value.  Studying various languages, traditions, and nationalities, we will see these characteristics as differences to be enjoyed while we establish relationships with the neighbors. buddhist

God has given us. Everyone was created in God’s image, and there are many different varieties of people and culture. Learning to enjoy various foods and traditions help children to appreciate the differences God has created.  This will aid our children in building strong relationships as they grow.  Our children will learn to live cooperatively in the world as they meet friends from other cultures. The life lesson of recognizing the value of others is a huge step in developing a love for missions.

I love to read in Revelation that God has called us “from every tribe and nation” to worship Him. How exciting it will be to honor God along with people of other countries and in differing languages!  I look forward to gathering around God’s throne with this great mixture of people. Until then, I enjoy learning about and getting to know the various people that I meet.

Life Lesson # 4 – Everyone needs Jesus – and I can share Him!

children running AfricaDuring our study of geography, we will learn about land, culture, and about other religions.  How moving to see the variety of spiritual teachings centered on DOING something to please their god.  Even more amazing is the knowledge that the one true God has already DONE everything to save us. Every person of the world should have this knowledge.

It is heart-breaking to learn that there are so many without a Bible written in their heart language. In Romans 10, Paul asks, “How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” We need to share with our children that God is calling us to share the Gospel with the world.  It doesn’t take much imagination as a Christian to realize what not hearing of Jesus’ love means for these people.

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In our Beginning Geography lessons, I will include a simple presentation of the Gospel that even a child can share. Children need to realize that God wants to use them to tell of His love.  I believe this is part of one’s preparation to reach the world for Christ. Everyone needs Jesus – and I can share Him with the world.  This is an awesome life lesson to learn!

Each of these life lessons is important for EVERY Christian child to learn.  Join us as we study God’s world together.  I look forward to helping your child develop these principles through Beginning Geography lessons.  Subscribe to receive Beginning Geography activities and scripts on a weekly basis. I will be glad to send them directly to you.

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