Eclipse Reflection Christ

Are you a reflection of Christ? (Or more like an eclipse?)

Like you, I have been bombarded with information about the eclipse.  Last week, I was thinking abut the eclipse – comparing the Scientific phenomena to our spiritual testimonies in the world.

Having heard about the eclipse so much caused me to think about my spiritual life.

On a “normal” day, the sun shines on the Earth providing us with the light and heat that we need.  Then at night the sun shines on the other side of the Earth while the moon reflects the light to our side of the Earth providing us with a lesser amount of light.

Reflection eclipse God JesusWe know that there is no light that directly emanates from the surface of the moon.  The sun with its light shines on the moon.  The moon then reflects the sun’s light to the Earth.  We are able to look directly at the moon and see light without it being too much for our eyes.

Similarly, in Exodus 33, Moses talked with God in the tent of meeting outside the camp of Israel.  Moses wanted to see God’s glory .  God communicated that man could not fully see His glory and live. (verse 20)  Yet when Moses came back to the camp of Israel after having been with God , the people of Israel noticed that his skin shone because He had been with the LORD.

Is it that way with us? Do we really get to know our Savior through His Word and prayer? When God’s Word and the Holy Spirit are working in our lives, the people with whom we live will be able to see the difference. Maybe there isn’t a physical change, but there is a visible difference to them.

In the book of Acts the Bible says, “When they saw the boldness of Peter and John….they recognized that they had been with Jesus.”

Let your light shineCan people see Jesus in my life? Can they see Him in you? Or are we more like the eclipse that we are about to experience – blocking much of the glory of God from being noticed?

Obviously, we do not have the ability to completely block God’s glory.  The relationship of the sun, moon, and Earth is an imperfect analogy, but Matthew 5:16 tells us to let our light shine before those around us enabling them to see our good works and to bring glory to God.

As you observe the eclipse today, let it be a reminder to be a reflection of God to those around you – instead of obstructing the view!

“I Saw Jesus in You”, by Ron Hamilton is in memory of his father who was a reflection of Christ.

Desiring to be a reflection of Jesus in our community will give us motivation to live in a missional way.  If you are not familiar with the term missional living, read this blog post which explains missional living.

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